• Congratulations to senior Nora Pryor who was named to the Student Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis for the 2021-22 school year. The Student Board of Directors help guide and promote economic education and personal finance with programs throughout the 8th district; this is part of an internationally recognized program as a resource for helping people understand economics and how it relates to all. 

     The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is entering its 10th year of having a Student Board of Directors. This year the board is the largest it's been, composed of a diverse group of 28 high school seniors from across the greater St. Louis area. According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank website, over the last decade, 82% of former student board members have launched careers in banking, finance or related industries. Two-thirds of board alumni are women and/or minorities who have pursued banking, finance, or related careers.

     Pryors' initiative helped her earn a spot on the board of directors, as the application process is highly competitive and consists of essays, letters of recommendation and a final selection. As a part of the board, Pryor will meet with other members monthly to gain a greater understanding of the Federal Reserve's role in the U.S. economy and its partnerships with banks, businesses and the community. Pryor said, “Being a part of the Federal Reserve Student Board is something that I never expected. It would not have been possible without my AP United States History teacher, Mr. Kaiman, who also teaches AP Macro and Microeconomics here at Timberland. He saw potential in me and asked me if I wanted to embrace this opportunity, for which I am ever grateful. He has set me up for success in so many ways and is constantly looking to help take his students to new heights, pushing them past previous notions of their abilities. I work as a liaison for the Federal Reserve and my school by being a face and advocate of the bank to the public.”


    For more information, see the St. Louis Fed's student board of directors webpage.