• Five Timberland seniors have been granted admission to The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts for the 2019-2020 school year. These seniors include Kate Meara, Carter Ahern, Phoebe Mitchell, Meg Gorton, and Allison McDonald.

    The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts is located in Corona, California, and is the post-secondary educational division of The Young Americans, Inc. Their mission is to provide The Young Americans with a performance-based education. Students are able to participate in the two-year Associate of Arts program or the one-year Certificate Program.

    First-year students will remain in Corona, participating in on-campus classes and community performances. Second-year students will have the opportunity to travel the world with The Young American tours. Past tours have included workshops throughout the US, Canada, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

    The students were first introduced to The Young Americans at the fall International Music Outreach Workshop this past September, held at Timberland High School. Auditions were held after the show that Saturday night. Over 17 students auditioned, with these five earning a callback and then an invitation to join the elite group of performers and teachers. The Young Americans audition thousands of students from around the globe each year and only accept 130 students at most. Congratulations to Carter, Meg, Phoebe, Kate and Allison!