• Cybersecurity

    On January 17, over 50 teams from around the state competed in an online qualifying event for the MORENet Cybersecurity Challenge to determine the top 10 teams which would be invited to compete in the finals in Columbia, MO. The top three teams would be awarded scholarships, grants for their school, and of course recognition.

    Congratulations to the two teams from Timberland who placed in the top ten and qualified to compete in the finals on February 21, where they had 6 hours to complete as many difficult challenges as possible, including picking physical locks, hacking into Windows 7 user accounts, and decrypting encoded messages. These students studied hard and worked even harder during the 6 very difficult hours of competition, and both placed higher than any team from WSD has before. The results are as follows:

    "Manchester United" placed 4th overall with a score of 531 points. Members of this team where Benjamin Jones (10th), Elijah Price (12th), and August Benne (10th).

    "Syber Simon" placed 7th overall with a score of 407 points. Members of this team were Kelly Quick (12th), Harper Reinhardt (12th), and Ryely Owens (11th).