Tryout Information
    2020-2021 First week of Sports by Season

    MSHSAA DEAD PERIOD (Summer 2020): Saturday, 6/27/2020 - Sunday, 7/5/2020
    MSHSAA NO CONTACT PERIOD (Summer 2020): Saturday, 8/1/2020 - Sunday, 8/9/2020
    Fall 2020/2021 CAP/Meet the Coaches night: TBD - 6:30 PM - Carl Reininger Theatre
    First week of Fall Sports: Monday, 8/10/2020 - Friday, 8/14/2020
    First week of Winter Sports: Monday, 11/2/2020 - Friday, 11/6/2020. Girls Swimming Begins Monday, 11/9/2020.
    First week of Spring Sports: Monday, 3/1/2021 - Friday, 3/5/2021

    Our goal is for all athletes to be on the field the first day of each season for tryouts/practices. The process below is designed to do just that. One day missed from tryouts/practices, means the athlete is delayed in participating in games for that season. We strive to communicate about two months prior to each season to both parents & students via email what needs to be done before the season begins.

    All students must complete the following requirements prior to the Final Clearance cut-off date for each season in order to tryout. If any item is not completed, this results in an athlete not eligible to receive the final clearance. The Final Clearance is required to participate on the first day of tryouts/practices for all seasons of sports. It's imperative to plan ahead to be ready for the first day of each sports season!

    All athletes are required to complete the online athletic registration for each season & every sport played that season.

    All athletes are required to have a current ImPact test and they are required every two (2) years. Generally speaking, freshmen, juniors, anyone new to sports or Timberland, and transfers will need to take an ImPact test. For the Fall season, they will be scheduled in June and July. ImPact Tests will be scheduled prior to the beginning of each season (Fall, Winter & Spring) for athletes who need them. Click here for the current schedule of ImPact tests. 

    New physicals are required every two years per MSHSAA guidelines and must be done on this form. All physicals are valid for a period of two years from the date of issue. For example, date of physical 3/15/2020, physical will expire on 3/15/2022. Once you turn in your physical to the Activities office or upload a PDF copy of your MSHSAA Physical packet to your Family Athletic registration account, then you do not need to get another physical for a new season of sports during the same school year. Make sure to schedule physicals well in advance of the Final Clearance cut-off date for the season you are trying out for.

    Bring the MSHSAA Physical packet to the Activities office (#527) as soon as you've completed your physical. Our office is open 12 months (office hours are limited during the summer, so please email or call ahead before coming). We DO NOT accept faxed copies of physicals from the doctor's office. You must bring your MSHSAA Physical packet in person to the activities office or upload a PDF file to your family athletic registration account. Please do not leave your MSHSAA physical packet in the main office.

    Pay all outstanding fines by the first day of tryouts. Fines are available to view in parent portal. Library fines can be paid in the library. All other fines can be paid in the main office with the Financial Secretary, Mrs. Weicht.

    Once you complete the online Family Athletic registration, upload the PDF copy of your MSHSAA Physical packet (or bring the packet to the Activities Office),  take the ImPact test, and pay all outstanding fines, the student needs to stop by the Activities office to get their final clearance. The system does not automatically generate this.  Your Family Athletic Registration Account will say "Pending" once you register & won't change status or send an an automatic email for final clearance. Students must come to the Activities Office (UNLESS INSTRUCTED OTHERWISE) to get their final clearance by the cut off date; clearances will not be issued after the cut off date or on the first day of tryouts/practices. Students must give the final clearance to their coach in order to participate. If the student does not have a final clearance to give the coach on the first day of tryouts/practices, they may not participate.

    MSHSAA requires that all student athletes meet certain citizenship requirements in order to compete in school sports. One item that there has been some misunderstanding with is school attendance. 

    MSHSAA requires that a student must attend 100% of the school day in order to participate in a competition (game). That means if a game is on a Saturday, the student must attend 100% of the day the Friday before the game. If the game is on a regular school day the student MAY NOT MISS ANY PART OF THAT DAY.  The student MAY ONLY BE EXCUSED BY CONTACTING THE ACTIVITIES OFFICE WITH 24 HOURS NOTICE. In order to receive an excused absence for sports, you must call or e-mail the Activities Office at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. You may call or email Beth Finder, Assistant to the Activities Director or Mr. Todd Hayes, Activities Director. Please note that by simply placing a call or sending an e-mail DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOUR STUDENT ATHLETE HAS BEEN EXCUSED FOR THIS ABSENCE FOR COMPETITION (GAME). ONCE YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO ONE OF US OR WE HAVE REPLIED TO YOUR EMAIL WITH VERIFICATION THAT ABSENCE HAS BEEN EXCUSED, THEN YOUR STUDENT ATHLETE IS EXCUSED FOR THAT COMPETITION (GAME). 
    These Competition (game) excusals are handled on an individual basis. An example of an excused absence is a physician appointment. We encourage all of our student athletes to avoid making appointments on practice & game days to be in 100% attendance to be eligible to participate.





    Todd Hayes
    Activities Director
    (636) 327-3988 x27238

    Caitlin Thomas
    Athletic Trainer
    (636) 327-3988 x27296

    Beth Finder
    Assistant to Activities Director
    (636) 327-3988 x27239