• WSD is pleased to offer new credit advancement courses for incoming 10th-12th grade students!  We will also offer Health and PE to incoming 9th graders for credit advancement and credit recovery courses to all students as needed.  

    Summer School will be held at Timberland High School June 8-July 2*. School will be in session Monday-Thursday only. Final course offerings will be based on student enrollment and are on a first come, first served basis. Students have the opportunity to earn .5 credit per session. Students in credit advancement courses cannot miss more than 10 hours to earn credit. Transportation is not provided by the Wentzville School District. 

    Session 1, June 8 - July 2, 7:20am-11:05am
    Session 2, June 8 - July 2, 11:35am-3:20pm

    Please complete the appropriate registration form and return to the counseling office.

    Incoming Grade 9 Credit Advancement: Summer School Enrollment form (due to your School Counselor by March 19, 2020) 

    Grades 10-12 Credit Advancement: Summer School Enrollment form (due to your School Counselor by March 19, 2020)

    Launch Online Credit Advancement: Enrollment form (due to your School Counselor by May 1, 2020)

    High School Credit Recovery: Summer School Enrollment form (due to your School Counselor by May 28, 2020) 

    For more information, please visit the WSD Website.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Students entering Grade 12 need their MCV4 vaccine prior to attending Summer Credit Recovery and Credit Advancement. 

    * Summer School dates may change based upon inclement weather makeup days.