• Band

    Timberland band students recently participated in the District Solo and Ensemble contest held at Fort Zumwalt East. Of those who participated, 20 events received an Outstanding rating and 24 received an Exemplary rating, the highest rating possible. The 24 Exemplary events will advance to the State Solo and Ensemble contest held at Mizzou in late April. Timberland's Concert and Symphonic bands also participated in the MSHSAA State Large Ensemble contest held at Holt High School. Concert band received an Outstanding 2 solo and Symphonic continued their streak with an Exemplary 1 rating. 

    Solo & Ensemble Exemplary:

    Arissa Mills
    Carter Simmons
    Cassidy Gooch
    Danny Wison
    Flute Trio: Elizabeth Kollias, Kelly Quick, Tamiah Wells
    Horn Trio: Mason Foster, Brett Hallemeier, Sophia Martin
    Bella Lutfiyya
    Josh Benny
    Justin Henry-Smetana
    Kaya McNurlen
    Liam Townes
    Brass Quintet: Colin Hechler, Sophia Martin, Logan Munro, Ryley Owens, Andrew Schulte
    Brass Quintet: Mitchell Bennett, Preston Faust, Matisse Gadan, Mason Guenther, Alejandro Saldana
    Noah Drilling (Piano)
    Noah Drilling (Mallets)
    Nolan Pellegrini
    Percussion Ensemble: Nicole Brake, Hannah Harmon, Arwa Janjua, Allison Plumb
    Percussion Ensemble: Garrett Hegarty, Ava Sanker, Liam Townes
    Percussion Ensemble: Carl Graham, Logan Herren, Carter Simmons, Ian Slade, Isaac Wallgren
    Percussion Ensemble: Will Cowgill, Garrett Hegarty, Logan Herren, Nolan Pellegrini, Phillip Ryan, Carter Simmons, Ian Slade
    Percussion Ensemble: Noah Drilling, Carl Graham, Nolan Pellegrini, Liam Townes
    Percussion Ensemble: Nicole Brake, Hannah Harmon, Arwa Janjua, Allison Plumb, Alaina Quesenberry, Ava Sanker, Ella Wallgren, Isaac Wallgren
    Sophia Martin
    Trumpet Trio: Mitchell Bennett, Mason Guenther, Colin Hechler

    Solo & Ensemble Outstanding:

    Alexis Hudgens
    Andrew Schulte
    Anna Thomassee
    Chance Robinson
    Flute Trio: Cassidy Gooch, Evy Smith, Arissa Mills
    Justin Dotson
    Kelly Quick
    Mason Foster
    Mitchell Bennett
    Clarinet Trio: Nolan Gustafson, Jacob Kirkwood, Seth Lomprez
    Clarinet Trio: William Head, Shelby Jennings, Olivia Mueller
    Woodwind Quartet: Josh Benny, William Head, Elizabeth Kollias, Kelly Quick
    Saxaphone Sextet: Diego Carasquillo, Stephen Harrell, Alexis Hudgens, Eshal Janjua, Jacob Munro, Austin Schulte
    Saxaphone Trio: Diego Carrasquillo, Jacob Munro, Austin Schulte
    Shannon Johnson
    Sophia Niedringhaus
    Trombone Trio: Roland Langford, Jacob Mischkot, Ryley Owens
    Tuba Trio: Hayden Adams, Logan Munro, Alejandro Saldana
    Will Cowgill

    Solo & Ensemble Satisfactory:

    Evy Smith
    Woodwind Quartet: Shannon Johnson, Lydia Keck, Olivia Mueller, Anna Thomassee
    Shelby Jennings
    Tate Zucca