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34 WSD Students Selected for St. Louis All-Suburban Honor Choirs


On Saturday, Oct. 2, Timberland hosted the All-Suburban District Honor Choir event. It was the first in-person event for the area choir students in more than a year. The WSD extends congratulations to the 34 singers who were selected! 


Treble Honor Choir – Participants from Liberty were Bee Boyer and Nora Foeller. The participant from North Point was Sydney VanGundy. Participants from Timberland were Grace Busby, Emma Curry, Hailey Georgevich, MacKenzie Gillham, AnnaRose Scheetner, Kassidy Schmidt, Mia Stevenson, and Leila Wallace. 


Mixed Honor Choir – Participants from Holt were Theo Hanson, Aden Hicks, Raegan Huitt, Camryn Bland, and Noah VanGundy. Participants from Liberty were Brandt Cleppe, Sarah Dickson, Grace Edney, Morgan Feinstein, Michael Gannon, Connor Higlen, Kennedy LeMaster, Avery Schlattman, Cassie Tarrant, and Anna Wright. Participants selected from Timberland were Emmaline Brown, Jaden Duree, Anna Edwards, Matthew Ehlmann, Maille Hanson, Ethan Mears, Addie Taylor, and Max Wieman. 


Nine WSD students qualified to audition for All-State Choir, which takes place in January 2022. Holt qualifiers are Camryn Bland and Raegan Huitt. Liberty qualifiers are Michael Gannon, Cassie Tarrant, and Anna Wright. Timberland qualifiers are Emmaline Brown, Anna Edwards, Matthew Ehlman, and Maille Hanson. 


The District Honor Choir Festival will be Saturday, Nov. 6, at Pattonville High School.


District choir directors are Richard Buschard from Holt, Carter Datz from Liberty, Ronda Fields from Timberland, and Robert Gleason from North Point. 


Congratulations to all our talented students and their directors.