• What is dyslexia?

    The following definition of dyslexia is the one Missouri has adopted.

    “Dyslexia, a disorder that is neurological in origin, characterized by difficulties with accurate and fluent word recognition and poor spelling and decoding abilities that typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language, often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction, and of which secondary consequences may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.”

    Why are districts discussing dyslexia?

    House Bill 2379/SB 638 was signed on June 22, 2016, which mandates screening for K-3 students, supports and accommodations for students who demonstrate characteristics of dyslexia, and two hours of Professional Development for all teachers.

    How does Wentzville identify students who may need support and accommodations?

    The Wentzville School District has implemented iReady to assess phonological/ phonemic awareness, fluency and automaticity, and comprehension. The assessments will support our efforts to identify children who are at risk or not at risk of reading struggle or failure.

    Assessments will be administered to students in Grades 1-3 within the first 30 school days of the school year and to kindergarten by January 31 as recommended by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). For benchmarking purposes, assessments will also be administered at the mid-point and at the end of the year.

    If a student in grade 4 or higher is experiencing consistent difficulty in reading, or at the request of a parent/guardian, additional assessments will be administered.

    How is Wentzville supporting and accommodating students?

    Instruction, supports, accommodations, and interventions in the classroom will be matched to the specific needs of the individual student.

    If you have questions about your child’s progress and development, please contact his or her teacher.