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Timberland Teacher Named Economic Educator of the Year by St. Louis Fed

Michael Kaiman, a social studies teacher at Timberland High School in the Wentzville School District, is the recipient of the 2020 Economic Educator Advisory Board Educator of the Year Award from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. The award is given annually to recognize a board member for his or her commitment to economic and financial education.


Kaiman, who has taught in the WSD since 2002, has served on the St. Louis Fed’s Educator Advisory Board for six years. The board is composed of local teachers who review curriculum, attend meetings, present at events and contribute in other ways to the success of the St. Louis Fed economic education program, Econ Ed at the Fed.


“Mike was selected for this award because he is an advocate for economic education,” said Mary Suiter, an assistant vice president, and economic education officer at the St. Louis Fed. “He secured the opportunity for us to provide professional development for Wentzville School District teachers. In addition, he provided valuable feedback on new curriculum materials; he developed lessons for AP U.S. History teachers that incorporate FRED data and FRASER primary source documents, and he has helped us with improvements to our Econ Lowdown website.”


The St. Louis Fed’s Econ Ed at the Fed offers more than 400 free educational resources about economics, personal finance, money, and banking. In addition, the St. Louis Fed’s Econ Lowdown™ teacher portal allows teachers to create a syllabus of resources and assign the syllabus to students. For more information and educational resources, visit