• Transcript Request


    Wentzville School District allows three different options for ordering your transcript: Electronic (scoir.com or Common Application), Emailed or Mailed.

    • For electronic transcript requests (SCOIR, Common Application, other application portals), seniors may request to have their transcripts sent to colleges regardless of their age if it is for admissions or scholarship purposes. If requesting a transcript using the paper form, a parent or guardian must sign a request form for students under 18 years - physical signatures only, no typed signatures.
    • Official transcripts can only be mailed/emailed directly to the institution.
    • Be mindful of your deadlines. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing by the Registrar
    • Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery (via mail) to the institution. In addition, each location may also have its own processing time.
    • Unofficial transcripts are not stamped, signed, or sealed. But the academic information is the same.
    • All transcripts sent to employers will be unofficial.
    • Electronic transcripts do not have seals, stamps or signatures.
    • If you have extra documentation for scholarships (paper application, recommendation letter, etc.) that you would like included along with your transcript, please attach it to your transcript request form.
    • When requesting to have a transcript sent via email:
      • Verify that the institution will accept transcripts via email.
      • The transcripts will not be mailed. If you would like the transcript to be both mailed and emailed, please make a note on the transcript request form.



    • For college applications, you are required to request your transcripts to be sent electronically through SCOIR or Common App (both options are FREE).
    • If you applied to the college on the college website, you will request your transcripts through your SCOIR account. Click HERE for instructions on how to do that. Our registrar, Molly Martin (mollymartin@wsdr4.org), will send all transcripts through SCOIR.  We will begin processing SCOIR requests in early September each new school year.
    • If you applied to the college through The Common Application, you will list Mrs. Amy Green as your counselor on your Common App. She will receive a notification to upload your transcript to your account.  You should still list your colleges in SCOIR, as well.  The Common App resets each August 1, so you may begin your Common App on or after Aug 1.  We will begin sending transcripts through Common App in early September each new school year.
    • For scholarships, seniors will need to request a FREE unofficial copy of their transcript to be emailed to them so they can upload it to their application. The paper form is available in the Counseling Office, or you can download it here:  Timberland Transcript Request Form  Students who are not yet 18 years old must have this form signed by a parent.  Molly Creamer (mollymartin@wsdr4.org), the Registrar, will process these forms.



    Timberland Transcript Request Form (FREE)

    • Include the physical mailing address or an email address of the institution (verify that transcripts via email are accepted by the institution).
    • Include your personal email address (for unofficial transcript).
    • When you include an email address, the transcript will not be mailed. If you would like the transcript to be both mailed and emailed, please make a note on the transcript request form.
    • Submit to the Registrar, Molly Martin (mollymartin@wsdr4.org)