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WSD Finalists and Winners of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching



Finalists and Winners from the WSD


2021 Jennifer Hancock, 7th Grade Math Teacher at South Middle School - FINALIST

2021 Justin Wilmes, Math Teacher at Holt High School - FINALIST

2020 Amy Bielke, 3rd Grade Teacher at Wabash Elementary - FINALIST

2020 Rebekah Messick, 6th Grade Science Teacher at Heritage Intermediate - FINALIST

2019 Lisa Waltenberger, Math & PLTW Teacher at Timberland High School - FINALIST

2018 Terri Politte, Assistant Principal at Boone Trail Elementary - FINALIST/WINNER

Terri was a 6th grade math teacher at Duello before being named an Assistant Principal


Terri Politte was named a 2018 PAEMST WINNER (Math, K-6)


2017 Julia Luetkenhaus, 8th Grade Science Teacher at Frontier Middle School - FINALIST


2017 Stacey Wade, 8th Grade Math Teacher at Frontier Middle School - FINALIST/WINNER

Stacey Wade was named a 2017 PAEMST WINNER (Math, 7-12)

2016 Kasey Lann, 3rd Grade Math Teacher at Heritage Intermediate - FINALIST

2015 Constance Hallemeier, Math Teacher at Liberty High School - FINALIST

Constance taught Math at Holt High School from 2003-2014

2014 Katherine Schack, 2nd Grade Math Teacher at Lakeview Elementary - FINALIST/WINNER

Katherine Schack was named a 2014 PAEMST WINNER

2012 Laura Parn, 5th Grade Science Teacher at Peine Ridge Elementary - FINALIST/WINNER

Laura Parn was named a 2012 PAEMST WINNER

1983 Akehiko Takahashi, Math Teacher at Wentzville High School - FINALIST/WINNER


The Award was established by Congress in 1983