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Pearce Hall Underwent Renovations This Fall

Dec. 5, 2023

Pearce Hall in the Wentzville School District recently underwent renovations as part of the District's commitment to properly maintaining and caring for its facilities. While the building now serves as the District’s alternative learning school, its auditorium holds historical significance as the original location of the Wentzville Immanuel Lutheran Church, erected in 1899.

“Painting the exterior of a 123-year-old building is a significant undertaking that requires careful planning in order to preserve the building's historic character while providing long-lasting protection from the elements and a beautiful result for our students, staff, and community,” said Josh Schaffer, WSD executive director of facilities.

Pearce Hall Before
before renovations

Some key notes that the District took into consideration throughout this process were: 

Historical Preservation: While not on the historical registry, Wentzville School District recognizes the importance of preserving the community's rich culture.  

Surface Preparation: Given the age of the church, the existing exterior surface accumulated years of dirt, grime, and possibly lead-based paint. Thorough surface preparation, including cleaning, scraping, sanding, and remediation, was crucial to ensure proper adhesion of the new paint and to address any underlying issues such as wood rot or structural damage.

Material Selection: Choosing the right type of paint was critical for this old building. The district selected high-quality, breathable Sherwin-Williams paint that is specifically formulated for historic buildings. These paints should allow moisture to escape while providing durable protection against weathering and UV fatigue.

Color: The District selected classic white, so as to not change the original color. 

Safety and Access: Proper safety measures, including scaffolding, ladders, and personal protective equipment, were worn to ensure the workers' well-being and comply with safety regulations due to the size and height of the building. 

“Painting the exterior of a 123-year-old church requires a delicate balance of craftsmanship and expertise,” Schaffer said. “By considering the historical context, using appropriate materials, and prioritizing quality, our project will enhance the building's beauty and longevity for years to come.”

Pearce Hall After  
after renovations