• Music Therapy

    The music therapy program at Pearce Hall provides individual music therapy services, therapeutic music groups, and music relaxation sessions. Music therapy groups are available for all to attend and individual music therapy sessions are arranged at the recommendation of educational support counselors. These services help students identify and practice coping skills, improve emotional regulation, gain personal insight through self-reflection, and work through confusing or traumatic experiences. 

    Music Therapy Goals

    • Social (interacting with peers, taking turns, and/or social cues)
    • Emotional (self-expression, coping skills, emotion-identification/regulation)
    • Communication (verbal and nonverbal expression)
    • Physical (gross- and/or fine-motor skill development)
    • Cognitive (impulse control, attention span, memory, decision making, and/or creativity)



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    Benefits of Music Therapy:

    • Increase cognitive skills (attention, memory, etc)
    • Enhance communication
    • Promote social skills
    • Reduce anxiety
    • Reduce agitation/aggression
    • Improve gross and fine motor skills
    • Reduce stress-related behaviors
    • Improve psycho-social skills
    • Increase appropriate sensory stimulation
    • Increase engagement/higher level of concentration