• Continuity of Services

    Student and Staff Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Support

    The Wentzville School District understands and values the importance of supporting students and staff in their social, emotional, and mental health needs.  The WSD employs many staff members who support students and staff in these ways.  Additionally, the WSD recently created and debuted a Mental Health Resources and Services hub within the WSD website to aid in supporting students and families with a variety of mental health needs.  The WSD also supports the social, emotional, and mental health needs of its staff by utilizing Ability Assist for Employee and Family Counseling Services.  The chart below provides additional information for each of the resources the WSD provides to ensure students and staff have access to social, emotional, and mental health support.


    School Support Interventionist (SSI)

    • 1 SSI per elementary school (13 total buildings)
    • Support students toward the fulfillment of their potential for intellectual, emotional, and psychological growth
    • Support staff with interventions that address the diverse needs within the educational environment

    Educational Support Counselor (ESC)

    • 19 total ESCs throughout the District
    • Support students with social and emotional needs (directly and indirectly) to improve school functioning and academic achievement
    • Support staff with professional development in the area of student mental health support

    School Counselor (Elementary) / (Secondary)

    • 48 total school counselors (at least 1 in each elementary, at least 2 in each middle school, and at least 3 in each high school)
    • Support students to overcome problems that impede learning and assist them in making educational, occupational, and life-long plans

    Mental Health Resources and Services Hub

    • Highlights the following areas related to mental health:
      • Mental Health Support in School
      • Agency Partners and Curriculum
      • Mindfulness Activities for Learners
      • Counseling Resources and Hotline Numbers
      • Substance Abuse Resources
      • Suicide Prevention
      • Grief/Loss Resources
      • Common Mental Health Issues in School Age Children

    Ability Assist Counseling Services

    • Provides for up to 5 sessions of emotional or work/life counseling per occurrence per year for employees and family members