• Expectations for Students During Extended Absences

    If your child is ill

    • Please contact the school each day your child is ill to report his/her absence
    • We are not expecting students to participate in learning when they are ill.

    If students are home for an extended absence but healthy

    • Students are able to work from home, complete learning assignments, and view recorded instruction to earn attendance during their extended absence.


    • Elementary Only: If your child needs a device during an extended absence, please contact your child’s school office. 
    • If your child needs technical support with their Chromebook, please contact the WSD Help Desk at (636) 332-3751 x22500 or helpdesk+parents@wsdr4.org


    • When possible, teachers will provide instruction via your child’s Learning Management System (Canvas or Google Classroom) and/or email (depending on the grade level).
    • Please note: Instruction will not necessarily be provided daily.  It depends on the subject, course, and grade level.  When teachers can provide a recording lesson, pre-recorded content, or live instruction,  they will.  
    • Students should view any instructional videos and links provided by the teacher.

    Assignments/Learning Activities

    • Teachers will provide assignments and learning activities for your child to complete during their absence.  This may be delivered via their LMS, email, or paper.  Please note:  Every task and assignment done in school can not necessarily be done at home.  The teacher will provide what they feel can be completed at home.    
    • Teachers may send out assignments and activities daily, weekly, or all at once.  
    • Students should complete assignments and activities.  They should turn those in through their LMS or turn into their teacher when they return to school.
    • Completion of assignments is how we will determine your child’s attendance during their absence.   Teachers will prioritize what needs to be completed and may ask for additional items to be completed after your child returns to school.

    Grading & Feedback

    • Teachers will help prioritize the work that students need to complete. They may not need to complete everything they miss, but some assignments may be critical to the learning process.
    • Students will be held accountable for missed prioritized work.  They will receive grades and feedback depending on the assignment. 
    • Students may be asked to complete assessments and additional assignments when they return to school.


    • Teachers will communicate with secondary students directly through their learning management system.  Teachers will communicate with elementary students via parent email.  
    • Please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions or concerns during this time.