• Data Governance Committee

    4 Ps


    The Committee will include members from all school levels as specified by law. Responsibility of the Committee may include, but not be limited to, oversight of the following:

    1. To ensure that data and information in all its forms, written, electronic or printed is protected from accidental or intentional unauthorized modification, destruction or disclosure.
    2. The protection includes an appropriate level of security over the equipment, software and practices used to process, store and transmit data or information.


    The Committee will be responsible for, among other duties, preparing a report at a minimum that includes the following information:

    1. Outcomes of Committee activities.
    2. Annual review of all data governance policies and procedures
    3. Comprehensive annual training program update
    4. Compliance with applicable laws (ie - CIPA, COPPA, FERPA, and PPRA)

    Committee membership may include, but not be limited to, parents, district technology department staff, students, teachers, technology professionals, law enforcement, school administrators, board members, and district citizens.


    2020-2021 Meeting Date



    2019-20 Meeting Date

    April 28, 2020 - This meeting was not held due to the pandemic.


    2018-19 Meeting Date

    April 23, 2019