• Seal of Biliteracy Program

    The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy Program honors the achievements of graduating seniors who are able to demonstrate proficiency in two or more languages. It symbolizes the hard work and dedication required to develop language proficiency and global competency. The Missouri award exists in two levels: Seal of Biliteracy and Distinguished Seal of Biliteracy, depending on the proficiency level demonstrated by the student. The Missouri Seal is printed on the electronic transcript and students are recognized at the senior awards program and graduation. 

    The Global Seal of Biliteracy enables recipients to showcase their language skills to any school or employer across state lines and national borders, with a unique serial-numbered document. Benefits to earning the Global Seal and out-of-state universities that award college credit.

    Once a student has met the requirements for the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy, they are then eligible to be awarded the Missouri and Global Seal of Biliteracy. Earning the Seal(s) has multiple benefits for students:

    • Provides employers with a method of identifying people with language and biliteracy skills.

    • Provides universities with evidence of attainment of high-level skills in multiple languages.

    • Potential to receive college credit (check with your prospective university to see if it offers credit and/or will be offering it).

    • Prepares students with 21st century skills that will benefit them in the labor market and global society.

    • Honors the multiple cultures and languages in our community.


    • 12th grade Students

    • PLEASE NOTE: Students do not need to be enrolled in a World Language class. Students who are native speakers or previously have taken a World Language course are also eligible for the Seal of Biliteracy.


    Proficiency in English

    Demonstrated through standardized test scores such as the ACT (18 for seal and 22 for distinguished seal on English section) or the Missouri English II End of Course Exam-EOC (proficient for seal and advanced for distinguished seal). Also, for our English Language Learners, the ACCESS test may be utilized to show proficiency.

    Proficiency in a language other than English (LOTE)

    Demonstrated by a score of intermediate mid or higher in all domains of the LOTE language (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading) on the STAMP4s (or portfolio if language is not available through STAMP4S assessment).

    Sociocultural Competency
    This will be measured through a project or essay (Project Choices).