• Release Time/Teacher's Aide

    Twenty-five credits of required and elective subjects are necessary to receive a high school diploma. In some circumstances, students have accumulated the appropriate credits and may benefit from the opportunity provided by being a teacher/office aide or using release time for work experience. Because NO CREDIT is earned by these choices, it is important that parents be involved in the decision regarding this request.

    Students may apply for release time and teacher’s aide only if they have earned 20 credits by the beginning of their senior year. Release time is available during periods 1or 8 only with counselor and administrator approval. Students must be enrolled in a sufficient number of credits to ensure graduation. No freshman, sophomore, or junior may request to serve as an office/teacher aide. Serving as an office/teacher aide or taking release time will not affect class rank as the method of awarding class rank will be to divide by the number of classes a student takes. Students involved in athletics may not have more than one non-credit hour.