• Are you struggling in a particular class? Try these FIVE things to help!

    1. Meet with the teacher before or after school.  Even 10 minutes every day adds up to an extra 50 minutes of learning for you each week.  Many times it is a one-to-one ratio with the teacher during these times.
    2. Visit your teacher during their office hours throughout Soar Time.
    3. Ask to see your teacher during Thursday Nest Time (pre-arrange prior to 2 pm on the Wednesday before Nest Time).
    4. Attend after-school Academic Assist in the library from 2:25 pm - 3:25 pm Monday - Thursday.
    5. Email your teacher to ask specific questions about assignments that you are struggling to complete.

    Taking advantage of all of the above suggestions would lend you almost SEVEN hours of extra help a week! 


    Varsity Tutors

    This resource is intended exclusively for student use at home with family; the district will not be monitoring progress but will implement a user-friendly single sign-on feature through ClassLink simplifying the login process for students.

    Soar Time (OFFICE HOURS)

    • What is it?

      • Soar Time is a 60-minute opportunity where students can choose to get extra help from their teachers during their scheduled office hours.
    • When is it?

      • Monday - Friday during Soar Time. Each teacher's individual office hours are posted outside of their classrooms. 
    • Where is it?

      • In the individual teacher's classroom, unless otherwise noted. 
    • Why should I participate?

      • This is an opportunity during your school day (great for students who cannot stay after school) to garnish extra support in classes you may be struggling in or simply have an individualized question. 
    • Who will be there?

      • The teacher and any student who needs help 
    • How do I know where to go?

      • Check with your individual teachers to find out their office hours or the posting outside their classroom. 

    Nest Time

    • What is it?

      • A 65-minute opportunity weekly to gain guidance on a project, complete a quiz, or get help from a specific teacher.
    • When is it?

      • Weekly on Thursday during "9th Period".
    • Where is it?

      • Individual teachers' classrooms
    • Why should I participate?

      • Another in-school opportunity to collaborate with your teacher.
    • Who will be there?

      • The teacher, the students assigned to the teacher's nest time, and any students the teacher has requested.
    • How do I sign-up to see a specific teacher?

      • Work with your teacher and they may sign you up as needed prior to 2 pm the Wednesday before Nest Time. 

    Academic Assist

    • What is it?

      • Academic Assist is a free tutoring service offered to all students. 
    • When is it?

      • Monday - Thursday each week from 2:25 - 3:25 pm
    • Where is it?

      • The program is held in the library.
    • Why should I participate?

      • Academic Assist provides a quiet place to complete your homework with all the resources a library has to offer. It also provides a place for students to work on projects, makeup tests or quizzes they missed, study for exams, ask their teachers questions in a smaller setting, and much more. 
    • Who will be there?

      • At least two staff members work each day. Students working on A+ hours may be present as well and many of your fellow classmates will be in this quiet environment working on various projects. 
    • How much does it cost?

      • It is 100% FREE!
    • How will I get home?

      • Parents can pick up students at 3:25 or students (if eligible) may drive home.