• Dear North Point Middle School Family,

    Throughout the duration of the academic year, the Wentzville School District partners with community agencies that specialize in providing students, families, and educators with preventative education. Agency presenters are credentialed, coordinated through the District, and under the supervision of building administrators. Presentation topics are targeted toward specific grade levels. All students will participate in each program, unless you choose to opt your child out of the lesson(s).  If you are interested in opting your student(s) out of presentation(s), please click the appropriate link(s) below.  

    6th Grade Opt-Out Form

    7th Grade Opt-Out Form

    8th Grade Opt-Out Form

    If you have additional questions, please reach out directly to your students’ guidance counselor.


    Thank you,

    Dr. Kelly Mantz, Principal

    Mr. James Evrard, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Kaitlin McElfresh, Assistant Principal

    Mr. Daniel Ott, Assistant Principal

    Mr. Michael Barclay, Educational Support Counselor

    Mrs. Kaycee Dragone, Counselor

    Mrs. Kris Hilgenbrink, Counselor

    Mr. Burney Reid, Counselor