• Holt Parking Information

    Important Changes This Year

    Due to construction, students will no longer be assigned individual parking spots.  Students will instead be assigned a specific student lot (Blue, Gold, White, Red) and the spots will be first come, first served each school day.

    Keep in mind each lot's accesibility when choosing a lot:

    Blue - This lot is in front of the Gym.  Students must enter from Northview.

    White - This lot is behind the building near the baseball field.  Students must enter from Northview/Support Services Drive.

    Red - This lot is on Campus Drive lining the practice football field.  It is accessible from Campus Drive from Pearce.

    Gold - This lot is near our Schroeder Creek entryway.  Students should enter from Schroeder Creek in order to access this lot.

    Parking Passes go on Sale on August 5th for Seniors, August 6th for Juniors, and August 7th for eligible sophomores.

    Students must have a completed application, valid drivers liscense, current insurance card, and $30 dollars to cover the parking fee.  Students must also have no fines, these can be paid at Holt.  Checks can be made out to Wentzville School District.  We do not accept credit cards.

    VERY IMPORTANT - SENIORS - You must have up to date Shot Records on file with our nurse (MCV shot), in order to purchase a parking pass.

    Students must be present to purchase a parking permit, we will not allow other students to buy them for their friends.

    Student Parking Map

    Parking Application