THS Mobile Athletic Passes & Tickets

Need to purchase your Family Athletic Passes or individual games tickets??? PLEASE READ ON....

Purchasing your Family Athletic Passes or individual game tickets is easy! All you need is your mobile device and a valid email address. Just click here & you will go straight to the link to purchase your Family Athletic Passes or individual mobile game tickets. You can do this online using your credit or debit card (administration fees apply at check out). Be on the look out for the new GoFan app to launch in September. If you used Facebook to log in to your account, remember that you will need to press that selection to access your mobile passes or tickets. 

Once you've purchased your Family Athletic Passes, you can email the passes to each of your family members. Just have your mobile device ready with your email from GoFan pulled up when you approach the gate. The gate workers will swipe your family pass or individual game ticket. It's that easy!

These passes are valid for all home games and all three high schools in the Wentzville School District. Costs for passes:

Family passes (immediate family) $80

Student pass $20

Single adult pass $35