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Timberland Students Elected as Presiding Officers after Youth and Government Conference

The Wentzville School District is proud to announce that three Timberland High School students have been elected as Presiding Officers after their participation in the 72nd annual Youth and Government Conference held virtually December 2-5. Junior Lucas Lowry was elected Youth Governor, junior Nora Pryor was elected Lieutenant Governor, and junior Kamden Hill was elected Speaker of the House. Students will develop these positions throughout the year, culminating as they serve as Presiding Officers at the 2021 Youth and Government (YAG) Clark Convention next December.

Noteworthy performances were made by senior Abby McCallum and junior Kamden Hill who were each named Outstanding Statesperson following their speeches and ability to speak both for and against bills, and ask informed questions. Additionally, freshman Daniel Wilson’s bill, entitled “An Act to Ensure Salary Equality in Missouri,” was named Outstanding Bill.

“I am so proud of what my students have achieved,” said Ida Hoffmann, Youth and Government Sponsor of Timberland High School, “To have grown from being a fledgling program, to having a delegate elected governor in just six years is truly astounding. Even more so, I am proud of what every single student has contributed and achieved this year. Through a pandemic, they managed to connect with students all around the state and express their political ideas in a passionate and respectful manner. They advocated for what they believed in and grew in amazing ways."

Youth and Government is a YMCA sponsored program based on the motto, “Democracy Must Be Learned by Each Generation” which involves approximately 1,200 Missouri youth in grades 8-12 in two student-driven conventions traditionally held in Jefferson City. Student participants emulate the roles of house representatives and senators, as well as fill the roles of reporters, lawyers, judges and members of the executive branch. For more information, visit


 Lucas Lowry   Kamden Hill   Nora Pryor