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Agency Partners and Curriculum

Agency Partners

Youth In Need

School-Based Therapists provide individual and group counseling to students who are struggling with social and emotional concerns in the middle and high schools.

Compass Health 

Classroom based prevention consists of classroom lessons that focus on teaching violence prevention education, coping skills, healthy relationships


Early intervention/Targeted Services consists of Integrated Health Specialists and School-Based Therapists working individually with identified students to link students and families with community resources, provide interventions for students struggling with mental health concerns and consult with school staff.


Pinocchio Program is also offered by trained CompassHealth professionals for students grades K-3 with emerging school adjustment concerns.

Child Center

Classroom based prevention lessons focus on prevention of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and on-line enticement.  

CHADS Coalition

Classroom based prevention lessons focus on suicide prevention and education through the Signs of Suicide Program and the EYES Program (Every Year, Every Student).


Early Intervention/Targeted Services consists of School-Based Mental Health Therapists providing individual counseling to students struggling with suicidal ideation.


Classroom based prevention lessons focus on emotional wellness and coping skills as part of suicide prevention and awareness.

Safe Connections

Classroom based lesson focuses on prevention of teen dating violence. (as funding allows)

Preferred Family Healthcare

Classroom based lessons focus on drug and alcohol awareness and prevention with Middle and High School students.