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WSD Starts Care to Learn Chapter to Meet Health, Hunger, Hygiene Needs of Students

Feb. 28, 2023 

This fall, the Wentzville School District (WSD) joined forces with Care to Learn to help meet the health, hunger, and hygiene needs of its students. WSD is now one of 40+ school districts all across the state of Missouri meeting student needs with this innovative Care to Learn model since 2008.

To get the program off the ground, the WSD Care to Learn Chapter is calling on the Wentzville community to help hit an initial fundraising goal of $50,000 by August this summer. Care to Learn has committed to matching up to $25,000 of every dollar raised for the WSD Chapter.

The mission of the Care to Learn WSD Chapter is to provide immediate funding to meet students’ emergent health, hunger, and hygiene needs so they can be successful in school. Care to Learn does this by empowering school staff like you to identify and respond to student needs efficiently and discreetly, while partnering with the community to support your efforts. 

Here’s how:

  • Care to Learn is a gap filler. Our Care to Learn Chapter will come alongside our existing programs in the community to ensure that our students have all their basic needs met. Care to Learn does not duplicate services.

  • They keep it local. All funds raised by the WSD Chapter will be used to meet the needs of WSD students.

  • There’s no red tape. There are no qualifiers for a student to receive Care to Learn support, making it a wonderful solution when other resources aren’t available.

If a student’s need involve health, hunger, or hygiene, Care to Learn can help. What needs are included under that umbrella, you ask? Here are just a few:

  • Health: medical and dental health care; vision care and glasses; transportation to/from medical appointments; prescriptions; assistive devices; pest control; and more.

  • Hunger: supplemental food for students at home; emergency snacks at school; grocery vouchers, etc.

  • Hygiene: personal hygiene items; clothing; shoes; coats and jackets; haircuts to name a few.

You can help make a difference today—every gift counts. See how you can support our mission and help kids in your area, and across the state, be successful in school. Make a donation today