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Ms. Barbara Fine

As a member of the Wentzville Board of Education is my goal that every decision made is in the best interest of our students. As a teacher, I focus not only on academic achievement, but physical, social, and emotional development as well. From training and experience, I know what works in the classroom for both students and teachers. Some ideas may look good on paper but are not practical in an educational setting. In reality, it is the interaction between the students and their educators that makes the biggest impact on a child. These daily interactions will not only determine how each child performs in school but can greatly impact a child’s future. It is vital that the Board of Education support our educators and provide them with the environment, training and resources they need to insure every child has an opportunity to excel.


I attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, where I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education, and later a Master of Science Degree in Child Development. I have been fortunate enough to live my professional dream by teaching twenty-eight years in public education. I have taught students in the states of: Illinois, Washington, and Missouri. My students were in English-language arts, drama and gifted classes. In St. Charles County, I taught four years in the Orchard Farm School District and retired from the Francis Howell School District after nineteen years of service. It is an enormous undertaking to prepare children for their future. It is my honor to be working with the Wentzville School District to make a positive difference in every child’s life.


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