WSD Pathways

  • WSD Pathways is a program of interconnected academic and elective classes revolving around a career pathway and cluster. The new program will help WSD students find and explore interests and develop skills through project-based courses and real-world experiences. It will also give students post-secondary connections, capstone experiences, and practical applications.

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A Path for Everyone

  • WSD Pathways offers five focus areas — Arts & Communication, Business & Global Studies, Health & Human Services, STEM, and Explorer — that will combine traditional academics with elective classes focused on career clusters. As students enroll for courses, they will be guided by their pathway course selection. 

    Students uncertain about their future have the opportunity for discovery and flexibility through the Explorer pathway, and students are welcome to change direction throughout their high school careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why pathways?

  • How will this impact electives?

  • What if my student wants to change pathways?

  • What is ICAP and how is it related to pathways?