• Step 1:

    Watch the Video and Prepare to complete your 4-year plan. You can reference this video over and over as you move through the process.

  • Step 2:

    Open the presentation below, it will force you to make a copy.  Start completing your personal information.

    Incoming Freshman ICAP Process Class of 2027 Google Slides- Make a copy


    Step 3:

    While completing your 4-year plan, you will complete the Missouri Connections Interest Inventory.  Instructions for completing this, along with a video on HOW to take an interest survey, are included in the presentation above.  For your reference, instructions are also linked below:

    Missouri Connections Career Inventory Completion Instructions

    Step 4:

    After you have completed your interest inventory, you will start to choose courses based on your interest Pathway.  Use the links to the left to explore the courses available to you in each Pathway.


  • What is your Passion?

    In addition to your core courses and Pathway course, you will also choose an additional Passion course to add to your schedule.  Ideas are listed below:

    Passion Class Selection Ideas

    I Like