• GTE Parents, 

    Check out the new website the 6th Grade Computer Club and 6th Grade Computer Class created.

    The kids spent countless hours going from room to room, taking 360 degree photos, voice recording of teachers teaching, pictures of classrooms, and organizing 100s of photos and recording into Google Drive. They then orgized the photos and put them into the right classes, and we were able to use Holobuilder to create a Virtual Tour of our school for the public to see!

    The kids were able to learn a lot about web design, photography, virtual reality, 360 degree cameras, and much more!

    Students new to GTE can now access this tour from home and see the school before coming to it on their first day! Parents can now see their students classrooms change over time! Very cool project that took 4 months to complete. A lot of hours spent engaged in a new way of thinking and new innovating technology!


    Click Here is the link: