• What is  The Mind Development Center™?

    The Mind Development Center™ is an alternative program within the Wentzville School District for students who have a variety of special needs, and require individualized instruction and low student:teacher ratios. Our program uses a whole child approach to education; continually assessing students' development to ensure their educational journey prepares them for 'quality of life' success. This means that in addition to targeting academics, our multidisciplinary staff of teachers, therapists, and instructional assistants work together to help children reach their potential in all aspects of life.

    The Mind Development Center™ serves children 12 months of the year. Students enrolled at The Mind Development Center™ may qualify for additional summer programming individually, as an extension of their year-round programming.  Students typically start our program with a low student/staff ratio and transition toward larger group engagements as they are ready. Our staff includes teachers certified in regular education and special education, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, instructional assistants, paraprofessional educators, and nurses.

    By collaborating on each student, we are able to implement strategies to help students grow cognitively, socially, emotionally, communicatively, and physically. Each student has a team of educators and therapists to address specific cognitive, emotional, and social developmental milestones. Our program emphasizes positive relationships as the core purpose for motivated learning. Students learn to improve their executive functioning skills, self-regulation abilities, and to efficiently process information in both social-emotional and educational engagements.