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    Any student requesting early graduation from Liberty High School must meet the following requirements:

    • Earn all graduation requirements.
    • Obtain a copy of the Early Graduation Request form and discuss early graduation with parents/guardians.
    • Return the Early Graduation Request form to his/her counselor, signed by a parent/guardian by November 1st.

    The following are items that students and parents/guardians should consider before requesting early graduation:

    • The last day of attendance for students who have met the above criteria will be the last day of the first semester.
    • Candidates for early graduation will not be permitted to participate in school or class activities after leaving Liberty High School. This includes athletic teams, clubs and/or similar school activities.
    • Early graduates are allowed to participate in senior activities, such as prom, the Commencement Ceremony as well as Grad Night, provided they are in good standing.
    • Early graduates wishing to participate in the Commencement Ceremony will need to attend graduation practice in the spring.  Please provide the best contact information below so that the school can make you aware of important senior events.

    Student’s Name (please print)____________________________________________________
    I have read and understand the requirements for early graduation at Liberty High School. I give my son/daughter permission to request early graduation.

    Parent/Guardian’s Signature_____________________________________________________

    Best contact phone number and/or email: _________________________________________
    I have consulted with this student and verify that all requirements for graduation can be completed by the proposed date of early graduation. A transcript showing coursework completed and coursework to be completed is attached.

    Counselor’s signature________________________________________Date______________

    Verification of Assistant Principal:________________________________________________