• Below you will find links to school breakfast and lunch menus, pick-up and drop off procedures, the Wentzville School District illness policy, and more! 

  • Parent Information

    Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures

    Our main office is located at the West End of our building (farthest from the enterance to the parking lot). If your student is arriving after 9am or departing before 3pm this is where you'll sign your student in or out. Please call the Main Office to notify us that you will be picking up your student early at (636) 561-5760. 

    Student Birthdays

    We celebrate student birthdays with a variety of activities over the course of the day. Should you wish to bring something to school to help your child celebrate their birthday with their classmates please contact your student's teacher and let them know. We strive to ensure all students feel included in birthday celebrations, including those with dietary restrictions or food allergies.